Mistakes We Make about Our Hair

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Every woman tries to look unique and fascinating. That is why she makes many efforts and spends lots of money to have hairstyle of high level. Sometimes, in her great strive a woman makes some mistakes about her hair.

1. Cutting the disobedient strands:
There is always a hair, and sometimes entire strands that just don’t want to stay in their place. Remember that their cutting will not help, it can even get worse. The best way to put your hair in order is to simply wash it. If you do not have time for a shower, use a styling product. Leave the scissors to the hairdressers.

2. Unsuitable hair cosmetics:
Hairdressers call this „product abuse“. The truth is that advertisements do not give enough clearance about the quality of a product. You have to add the fact that a shampoo has different influence on your hair and on your friend’s hair. You just have to trust the proved method of „trial and error “. If after the first washing you are not satisfied with the result, you’d better give the shampoo to your sister than suffer about your hair bad look until the bottle is over.
3.Huge quantities of cosmetics:
Huge quantities of a product may also make your hair look flattened, grease, without shape, etc, even if the product is of best quality.
Most hair cosmetics are concentrated and there is no use to put tons of it to act, even it is a shampoo.

4. Poor insight into your hair:
This is one of the most common mistakes. As we only see the front part of our hair, we pay more attention to it and forget that people see the “whole picture” of our head. So learn the easy trick of two mirrors by which you can look at yourself from behind and make a hairstyle of good quality.
5. Unsuitable hairstyle:
It is not about the hairstyle that doesn’t suit you, but about the one you can maintain easily. Before sitting on the chair, ask your hairdresser about the care your hair will need afterwards. If you think it will take you too much time or you aren’t skillful enough for it, choose a hairstyle that you can easily keep and shape. Otherwise, you will become a slave of your hairdresser and this costs both time and money.
6.Unsuitable color:
All colors look wonderful in the dye packing, but not all of them are suitable for you. If you have already decided which is best for you – to be blond, red-haired, or brunette, consult your hairdresser about the right color.


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