Mesotherapy against Hair Loss


The tendency which comes to the foreground in the fight against hair loss is the mesotherapy.  Everyone panics when faced with this problem – breastfeeding mothers, stressed managers, office workers. Many people hope that mesotherapy will bring back the beauty to their hair. Is it possible? Is this therapy painful? Are there alternatives?
What does mesotherapy do against hair loss?

Mesotherapy aims to stimulate the hair follicles by injecting vitamins and minerals to the scalp. The composition of the injections is determined after preliminary studies that show exactly what lacks in your hair.

Whether this procedure is painful depends on your individual sensitivity. The use of cooling creams is recommended.

Is this therapy effective against hair loss?
Experts say to not expect miracles from the mesotherapy. Curls will not appear over night. After several treatments, the hair gets greater density and volume. If the reason for hair loss is in the lack of vitamins, the mesotherapy helps.

Reasons for hair loss
Usually, the hair loses its shine, becomes brittle and falls due to one of the following problems:
•    Stress. Avoid stress and you will avoid hair loss.
•    Pregnancy. The level of hormones is restored for about 6 months – after that your hair will start to grow again.
•    Medicines. Maybe you just have to change any of the medicines you take. Consult your GP.
•    Unhealthy diet. The beautiful hair demands enough Vitamin A, B5, B6, biotin, selenium, iron, copper, zinc, and iodine.

Strict diets, unbalanced diets and fast food are certainly not good for your hair.
Mesotherapy is effective, but before you go to the beauty salon consult a specialist and find out the reason for your hair loss.

You may not need such procedures.

Other options
•    Healing shampoos for weak hair enriched with Vitamin E and amino acids.
•    Vitamin capsules (applied on the skin).
•    Hair masks.
•    Massages with a hair brush with natural hairs.

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