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At least once in her life, every woman has wished to have beautiful curls. This, of course, is easy to be achieved after applying the procedure of curling the hair.

The fashion trend of curly hair has always been relevant and will always be. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted by nature with such lovely curls. Women from different ages have used various tricks to change their appearance. The most effective method is the chemical curling. But is it good or bad?
Nowadays, the chemical waving as such is safe. However, the chemical waving 10 years ago impacted quite badly the hair condition. It severely damaged the hair and even could lead to hair loss.

Modern quality chemical tools for waving not only do not damage the hair, but also can improve its look and condition.
Waving: how does it happen
The main component of the hair is keratin. It is rich in sulfur. Chemical bonds exist between the sulfur atoms and molecules of keratin. These bonds actually create the structure, determining the shape of each hair. The structure can be changed.
Short-term effect can be created by simply rolling the hair around hot rollers. However, this effect is not long-lasting. The ringlets quickly spoil. In order to get long-lasting effect, a chemical substance is used, but it destroys the bond between the proteins. Thus, straight hair can be curled or curly hair can be straightened.
After giving the desired shape of the hair it is necessary to stabilize the result, too. The hair is treated with other agents that form new bonds between the molecules. However, growing new hair does not change. That is why, there is no method found yet to change what nature has determined.
Compounds that apply for curling
Alkaline compounds
The content is only suitable when the hair is healthy and strong. After treatment with such agent, elastic and flexible curls are achieved.

Acidic compounds
These compounds can be used even for damaged, weak, and thin hair. Acidic compounds are less intrusive. The result is flexible rings.
Exothermic compounds
The hair is heated when they are applied. The compound penetrates deep down to the cuticle. As a result, lasting and elastic curls are achieved.
Methods of curling
Complete waving
For this curling, big rollers are used. Big waves are achieved. Those who do not like curls choose volume and mobility. It is suitable for damaged, thin hair.
Waving from the roots
This technique only raises the hair from the roots. The hair looks rich. This type is suitable for adding volume to short haircuts.
Spiral waving
This method may only be applied to long hair. Special long rollers are used for this. Very suitable for thin hair. The hairstyle receives additional magnificence and volume.


Waving tresses
Preliminary sectioned off strands are rolled. Thus, natural waves or curls are achieved.
Extending waving
Only strands in the middle of the head or the very ends can be twisted by this method. The strands on the crown of the head are not curled. Thus, one gets curls of different length. After that, they are cut in one line. The hairstyle is high and rich.
Wavy waving. Only separate strands are curled by this method. The main part of the hair remains straight.

Tips for maintaining waved hair
You can make waving alone, but it’s better to rely on the professionals for it.
Before the procedure it is best not to color your hair with henna.
Delay the curling if you are in your monthly cycle. Amid changes of hormonal balance you may not get the desired effect.
After waving, you must not wash your hair for two days – curls may get loose.
Buy a special shampoo for waved hair. Such a shampoo contains special substances that maintain the necessary balance of moisture and keep the curls for longer time.
Do not brush. Buy a comb with wide and big teeth.
Comb only when your hair is wet. Always start from the ends.
When shaping the curls always use styling foam or mousse.
Try not to use hair-dryer. Leave your hair to dry naturally.
Regularly, cut the ends, at least once a month. If the hair is very thick, then it is imperative to use a creative razor. This procedure improves the look of the hair and revives the curls. If despite everything you use the hair-dryer, shape your hair with the help of the diffuser.


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