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There are moments when one is pressed by time in an unexpected situation. It has happened that your hair looks bad, but you have to go out.  If you don’t have time to wash your hair and put it into decent shape, you can use some tricks. It is not bad to practice making a few fast hairstyles to not feel tied down in emergency cases.

If your hair is long, the matter can be very easily solved. Smooth it all back spraying with hairspray. Tie into a tail at the back. After that, take some separate strands of your hair and fix them with pins – depending on the case, you can lift them high on the head or down back. In the first case, it is wonderful for a party and club or disco visiting, and the second one is more moderate and suitable for the everyday life.


Sometimes, the hair is in layers, it’s long, but cannot be tied in a tail. Then some pins having the hair color can help you and you can achieve the same effect. It’s even easier – just take strands and pin them wherever you like. Finally put hairspray, and your hairstyle is ready. Many girls ignore the tied hair, but sometimes it is irreplaceable in hard moments. If you insist on having your hair free, then smooth the hair back and catch it with a suitable pin. The tied hair can be sprayed, and the free hair can be smoothed by a press. All this helps the girls with long hair.

Owners of short hair can use gels with wet effect to shape their hair.  If however the wet effect does not suit you and you have sensitive skin, the hair must have more volume. Then wax for hair can help you – take some quantity on your fingertips, then clap your hands a few times until it becomes like threads and shape your hair – so your hair will stick out without being cemented with the gel and will look more natural.

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