Is the breaking hair a medical condition?

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Perhaps you have not asked yourself why you have breaking hair?


This is a very dangerous disease and should be treated.

Violations of the hair are very dangerous and require treatment. Usually patients are downright careless and think that this is something harmless.


Why do I have breaking hair?


For the first time the problem is described as a disease in 1900, although this hair condition is known before the doctors to classify it as a disease. A characteristic feature is the twisting along the length of the hair. This condition is accompanied by a change in the thickness along the length of the hair and a small change in the pigmentation. For this reason, the hair breaks easily and looks terrible.


The severity of the symptoms can vary. If few hairs are affected, they can almost be concealed, but if many hairs are affected the hair looks like scorched, uneven and difficult to maintain. Girls and women are often with breakable hair.


Causes for breakable hair


  1. This can be a congenital condition – hereditary pathology that is transmitted to children with an autosomal dominant gene. It can be severe medical condition or very weak.


  1. The acquired breakable hair is due to a variety of inflammatory processes in the skin, in which the follicle is deformed, for example, as a result of folliculitis or fungal infections of the scalp. It is quite a common problem.


Clinical manifestations of breaking hair


If it is an inherited condition at the birth the hair is usually normal. But gradually to three months the disease manifests itself. Sometimes the disease occurs slower and the symptoms become noticeable only when the child is 2-3 years.


The literature describes a clinical case where the child is completely bald before the age of five years.


Usually the patients are with hair to a length of 4-5 cm, because the hair is damaged and can not become longer. However, in some patients in some areas of the head, the hair can reach a greater length than 5 cm. Therefore, the patients may also have longer hair.


Often the patients have only a small part of the hair affected, so the hair may look from the outside quite normal. Often, an improvement of the appearance of the hair is observed with increasing age. However, some patients throughout their life suffer from this problem.


Only a dermatologist can identify the problem. Many people do not understand that this is a disease. They believe that this is due to the shampoo they use or the problem is from the curling iron or blow dryer.


The hair is often an indicator of many health problems. Take care of your hair!

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