How to Straighten the Curly Hair

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Every woman wants what she lacks. Women with curly hair always strive to tame it in one or another way. The methods are mechanical and chemical. The first is straightening the hair through pulling with hairdryers, presses and brushes.

When the hair will be straightened through drying, it must be washed with a suitable shampoo to make the evaporation easier as well as a similar conditioner or mask must be applied. After rinsing, your hair must be dried well and a straightening fluid is sprayed or applied with fingers to soften and prepare the hair.

If you want to have perfectly smooth hair without volume, then the hair has to be slightly dried with the hairdryer directing the stream downwards toward the ends to smooth the hair. Then you start from the lowest layer, the rest of the hair is attached with clips to not interfere. The drying starts with a big brush for drying moving it from the roots to the ends and trying to not turn the end inward, but straighten it. Thus the entire hair is to be dried. If this is properly done, your hair will be perfectly straight, almost like straightened with a press.  Spray for natural brilliance to complete.

If you want to have volume in the roots and straight hair down, when you start drying, blow your hair roots in opposite direction to the hair growth to give volume before you begin to shape it. Then start drying from the upper layer, trying to wave the hair at the roots following the shape of the brush.

When a strand is dried, attach it upward with a clip – this way it will not interfere and will get additional volume. Thus you should dry all strands to the lowest layer. Then put down the strands layer after layer and smooth them downwards, trying to straighten the ends and not lose the volume.When the entire hair is treated like this, it is combed at the roots, sprayed with hair spray only in the roots and this way you get volume and natural look.

Straightening with a press is the easiest and fastest method for most women, but they have to know that the hair suffers a lot from the high temperature; the hair is permanently damaged and becomes brittle. In order to protect your hair, use a thermal treatment hair product before the press. After that when the hair is absolutely dry, it is straightened layer by layer without holding the press for long at the same place.

When the hair is wet, it must be dried perfectly and then to start straightening it with a press. You must never use the press on wet or dampened hair.

Permanent straightening by chemical methods has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that the procedure is too expensive. The second – when the hair grows it is very difficult to straighten the newly grown part of the hair without damaging the previously straightened hair. From another point of view, people who have to look in a specific way every day are facilitated not to straighten their hair with a press every day. Chemical straightening is not applied in all salons and not all hairdressers can do it.

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