How to stop the autumn hair loss – smart tips for beautiful women

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In the autumn many of the women have a big problem – hair loss.

Often, however, this hair loss is a temporary phenomenon which does not represent a great danger to the body and overall condition of the hair.


In fact, it can even be said that the autumn hair loss is normal if it is at this time of the year and do not be alarmed if on your comb or brush there are hairs that are more than usual.


The reasons for the hair loss are many. The female body is exposed to various changes over time and as a result of external factors, so if you notice that your hair starts to fall too much, you should pay attention to the following important things:


  1. Lack of vitamins: for this reason in the late fall and early spring the hair falls in excess.

The condition of the hair depends largely on the quality of the food. In order to have healthy and shiny hair a woman should include in her diet foods rich in proteins (eggs, dairy products, meat), iodine (seaweed and other seafood), zinc and vitamins of group B (black liver and pine nuts). Also silicon (cauliflower) and selenium (oat bran), which favorably affect the condition of the scalp. Vitamin C (rose, kiwi, black currant) also has an effect on the hair follicle and you should have enough of it.


  1. Compliance with certain diet: ladies addicted to a diet do not get enough nutrients and micro elements – the hair suffers and even changes its structure.


  1. Stress: after severe stress the hair starts to fall after about two months. And in the fall everyone experiences stress at the change of the weather.


  1. Change of the time zone – it comes to the time change in the fall, it is strange, but it also affects the hair.


  1. The hormones in the fall also change and the hair is affected by that.


  1. The excessive use of styling products (shampoos, conditioners, mousses, varnishes, etc.) during the summer and the burning up of the hair from the sun are having an effect now.

To resume the growth of hair, do not forget to clean up the head skin in order to improve the scalp. Make a scalp massage, use masks and herbal infusions.


The scalp is cleaned with the help of massage and exfoliation for 1-2 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo, apply conditioner and a special detergent that restores the hair growth. There are wonderful bio preparations with beer, green coffee and more that really help.


No panic with the autumn hair loss!

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