How to Make Massage on your Head?


The massage on the head is very good for the dry type of skin on the scalp, dry hair and problems related to dandruff. The normal duration of such a massage is between 10 and 15 minutes. It is recommended to be made before or during the washing of the hair, but not more often than twice a week.
Massaging of the head can be made even after washing, but it’s not recommendable because the grease production is increased.

This is especially valid for greasy hair. Sometimes, the massage after washing can be very effective for more complete absorption of the substances contained in some or another agents for hair care. So it is better to try and choose your optimal option.

The massage must start with light stroking movements, warming the head, and this is the aim of this initial stage. Then, the pressure of the fingers’ movements is gradually increased. The last stage is necessary to be with light and gentle movements again.

Stroking movements
They should be made with palms, without pressure. It is important to make these movements because they don’t cause rubbing of the scalp and it remains almost still. This is an important stage of the massage, because it makes the head muscles relax and has a smoothing effect on the nervous system.

Vibrating motions
They have a stimulating effect on the head skin. Their power and amplitude can be different. When applying these movements you may not remove your hands from the head, thus you can achieve constant influence on it. You can also diversify these movements with slightly brisk strokes that rhythmically follow one another.

Circular movements – this is the basis of the massage
Palms close slightly, fingers slightly open. In this case, the thumbs serve as support, and the other fingers massage the head. You don’t need large amplitude here, just start from one spot and gradually move your fingers until you go around the entire surface of the head. It is important that your movements are not sliding.

Pushing movements
They soften the skin. The position of the hands when making these movements is the same as for the circle movements. It is only their character that changes. It is good after each push to change the spot of the massage. This may be achieved by moving your hands or change of the distance between your fingers.

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