How to make gorgeous curls

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A simple and effective way to change your vision and look a bit different is to make stylish curls to your hair.

The rollers are one of the oldest tools for giving a particular form of the hair – curls namely. There is a great variety of hair rollers that differ in material and size, method of attachment and several other properties.

For example, the electro-rollers can heat by themselves if only they are connected to an electricity source.
Curling your hair by using rollers is a piece of cake. Only the ones that use them for the first time may face some difficulties.

The habit of curling one’s hair can be achieved very quickly if practiced regularly. Nothing stops you from trying because they are much safer than the curling iron.

Pin Curls
Depending on the way of attaching to the head, there are ribbing rollers and pins. Pins are the older and more widely spread method and that is why we shall pay attention to them first.

As a beginning, the hair should be damp if the hair tips are getting dry, just dampen them slightly. Section off some not large tuft of hair, straighten it, comb it, and paste a roller at the very end. Roll by pulling and distributing the hair with your hand evenly across the width of the roller. When it is well rolled, the roller must be attached to the scalp to stand tightly and not to loosen.

When the hair is rolled, take a pin and put it through in order to tightly hold the roller. Thus you can be sure that the placed obliquely pin will hold the roller and will not loosen the rolled hair, and will not spoil the curls.

Twisting roller of ribbing
Actually, the process of twisting the hair by these rollers does not differ from the above mentioned method. The difference is only in the way of attachment. Once you have rolled the strands of hair, stretch the ribbon elastic attached at the one end of the roller and pinch the other.
In a while, (a few hours) you’ll have curly hair.

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