How to Make a Beautiful Ponytail


The ponytail has long been regarded as something timeless, suitable for everyday situations and for events with a taste of haute couture … a hairstyle…what a hairstyle!

Collect the free falling curls around the face and drag them back up. The long wavy hair literally disappears and a hairstyle in modern minimalist style is shaped.










From simple low tied hair to highly strained type Pompadour style that seem to challenge  the law of gravity, the latest trends in the fashion of ponytails have come a long way from their former status as quick fixes for unruly hair. When you have decided to try this extremely challenging look, there is only one rule to follow: everything will fit!
Use some gel to tame your hair and then hold ot back like those girls from the popular video of Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love”. Or take a spray and with your fingers tie your hair until you start to like what you see.
It is not necessary to be a queen to bear a crown. What do I mean? Gwen Stefani regularly appears with such hairstyle and looks great while showing off with it. Star stylists are ready to swear that every type of ponytail makes the face more beautiful as it highlights the cheekbones and collarbones. So grab the most sumptuous hanging earrings and go ahead!


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