How to Deal with Thin Hair


When our hair is thin, this causes us lots of problems. It does not have volume, does not keep hairstyles and gets greasy very fast. If your face has regular features and beautiful skin, this is not a big problem, but if it has wrinkles, pimples, disproportionate features, then it becomes hard. Face with problems requires a perfect hairstyle. In order to achieve this, you have to make a suitable haircut first.

The thin hair may be thick with thin hairs or wispy with thin hairs. In the first case, it can be cut in many ways. The choices for wispy thin hair are more limited. It is good to have middle length of hair, and the upper layers should be shortened, thinning it very delicately – if it is thinned too much, you risk to remain with three hairs. The lower layers should get to the collar or a little lower. In some cases, the hairstylist has to make supportive layers – a layer under the main one, shorter, that is to be waved more tightly with a brush and thus support the longer layer below.



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The „French box” haircut is quite good for wispy and thin hair, especially if it is well done. It is easy to maintain. A big round brush and some skills are enough to make this hairstyle quickly.

It is very important what shampoos are used. The owner of thin hair should have two of them – a strong one washing well the oily sebum and giving volume to the hair, but it only must be used once a week. The other shampoo must be for volume, rich in nourishing ingredients that do not damage hair.

The dying of the thin hair must be very cautious and one has to be careful not to damage the scalp because this will lead to deterioration of the hair. It is not good to lighten it too much – not more than 2-3 tones of the main color. If strands are made, they should not be too lightened – to white, but to be in a light natural blond color. The dye should be of a good brand, protective and not to dry the hair and skin.

The curling of the thin hair is a very delicate procedure. Usually, thin hair cannot be curled well. However, most owners of such hair want badly to have their hair curled because even if they don’t get curls, they get volume which they like. Nowadays, there are very good types of perm that do not damage the hair. So if you want your hair curled, let it be done with perm of good quality, and the hair should not stay with rollers too long in order to have natural look and not to get burnt. In the winter, the fog and wet weather flatten and destroy the shape of every hairstyle. Here, an indispensable part of the hair becomes the diadem, even stars wear it.

Hair picked up with a clip is also an option to make your hairstyle pretty – it will still look better than flattened on a stick.

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