How to Comb Your Hair


We have to comb our hair at least once every day. The most important combing is the one in the morning. Evening hair combing and brushing in all directions for 4-5 minutes are also very good. Usually, we comb our hair with a comb. It has to be with wide and not sharp teeth in order to not pull the hair and not harm the skin. This is especially important for women with thick hair. The most suitable combs are made of horn or plastics. Metal combs and wire brushes for hair should be avoided. Firm plastic brushes are not recommended either. Short hair, if not very tangled, is combed from the roots to the ends.

Long hair is always combed from the ends to the roots, and it should be done carefully without rude pulling. After putting the hair in order, combing should continue a few minutes more. Thus, we spread the skin grease from the roots along the entire length of the hair and it becomes shining, elastic, and non-brittle.

Normally oiled hair is smooth, shiny and healthy while dry hair is fragile and without shine. The ends split easily. Some use hair brush for better spreading of the natural skin grease. The brush must be made of hard bristles or soft plastics. The brush has the advantage to allow – when the hair isn’t brushed rudely – massaging the skin of the head and cause rush of blood in it and hence better nutrition of hair. We do the brushing in all directions of the head from the roots to the ends.
You may put about ten oil drops in your palm, with which to oil a bit the brush before brushing.

If, after brushing your hair with oiled brush, itching appears or too much grease, 1-2 times per week the skin of the head has to be rubbed with diluted lemon juice (juice of 1 lemon in a glass of water) or with boric water (1 teaspoon of  boric acid in half a glass of boiling water).

Combs and brushes must be often washed with soap or dilute ammonia (1 teaspoon of ammonia in a glass of water) and disinfected with alcohol or cologne. It is best that every family member has his own comb. The common comb may facilitate the spreading of various infections.


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