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Adverse weather conditions always have a negative impact on the hair. Here are some tips on how you can keep it in good shape and excellent condition.

Rainy tragedy
If you’re in a rainy or other wet situation and your hair is dampened, then dry your hair using a dry towel or handkerchief. Then section off the strands and rub into the roots.
Hot curling
Making curls with an iron may burn your scalp. If you want to avoid this, roll the strand while holding a small thin plastic comb between the iron and your head. You can roll it to the roots. However, if you did burn yourself put some ice on the place. It is best to be in a plastic bag. If you do not have ice, use a handkerchief dampened with cold water. Keep it on the place for 15 minutes. If the burning is very strong, a spray for burnt wounds can help.

Unsuccessful color choice

If you have decided to radically change your hair color and have chosen some modern and widely advertized dye, have followed all the instructions and expect eagerly the results. But it… is far away from your expectations – instead of the desired ash blonde you turned into a yellow duckling or Pippi Longstocking. This can happen very often and the dye has nothing to do with it. The radical change of color is difficult to be done without the help of a professional hairdresser.
Whenever in the future, you choose dye, you’d better pay attention to the following issues – properly estimate your current (initial) color and set a real goal. If your hair is dark brown, after the dying it will become either brown or dark blond, but not light blond. Note that dye with excessive levels of hydrogen peroxide makes the hair 3-4 shades lighter. It is not worthy to darken light hair; the growing roots will be quite ugly.
Naughty scissors
You decided to shorten your bangs, but your hand trembles…and now it resembles a falling avalanche instead of a perfect line. Or maybe you cut more than you wanted? Don’t worry. Comb it to one side, and the main part to the longer side. The long hairs will cover shorter ones. The usage of wax for fixing some individual strands will give you a original form. It’s stylish. And in order to not make the same mistake in the future when cutting your bangs, your head must be equally raised.


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