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Every woman starts to feel uncomfortable when she finds out that her hair has some problem. When the hair starts to split, this process cannot be confused with anything. At the beginning, the hair becomes hard and disobedient, and then it denies the friendship with the comb, does not obey the hairdryer and resists all sorts of styling tools. At this stage, the hair cannot be maintained with moisturizing agents, and the dry ends must be cut off.
The ends of the hairs start to segregate under the influence of the sun, hot air, chlorinated water, and constant rubbing on clothing. The protecting layer covering the hair is damaged; the hair loses its moisture and literary turns into an unpleasant “broom”.

If you want to have long hair, then you should…

Cut with warm scissors!
Scissors help for solving this problem, but not ordinary, but warm scissors with a special sensor regulating the temperature: for thick damaged hair – 150° С, and for normal and thin – respectively 130 and 110° С. For dyed hair, the degrees will reduce, too.
If you apply this procedure regularly, then your hair will grow faster, will become more elastic and will obtain a vivid shine.

Change the comb!
The perfect combs or brushes have natural origin and respectively are not cheap. Do not spare efforts and resources, walk around the hair accessories shops and buy a ceramic brush. The main advantage of the ceramic is that under the influence of the hairdryer’s temperature it does not heat up to high temperatures. You can find a hairdryer with functions to ionize the air.
Remember that you must never brush your hair when it is damp as then it is especially vulnerable.

Give up “beautifying” by yourself!
The dying and curling of the hair are chemical interventions that damage the hairs’ structure, wash away the melanin, and along with it – nutritive elements and vital moisture.
Remember that even the best quality color agents contain hydrogen peroxide. Henna is an exception, but its color options, unfortunately, are limited.
These procedures should be executed in a beauty salon where the professionals will choose what suits best for your hair.

Pay attention to prevention!

1. The splitting hair needs oil literary. For this reason, all kinds of oils are suitable: olive oil, jojoba, almond, etc. Heat oil in a water bath and apply it on the ends of the hair, and then create a “sauna effect”, i.e. with nylon and top with a towel. In an hour, wash the hair with a soft shampoo.

2. After washing your hair, always use special agents for damaged hair. They are sold in various series and consist of fluid, means for light fixing, hair masks, and ampoules. They act on the “sticking plaster” principle that adheres to the hair and does not allow it to split into parts. The effect lasts till the next washing of the hair.
Often, the hair splits due to insufficient fat acid and that is why you have to pay attention to your diet. It is obligatory to have oily fish in your menu, and if you do not like it you can replace it with walnuts.
Remember that your hair is thirsty too: at least 5 glasses of water every day.


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