Harmony between hairstyle and figure


It is not important to always keep up to date with fashion. The hairstyle is one of the things that influence the entire vision of a person. The main rule of beauty is harmony, so that when we choose our hairstyle, it is imperative to comply with our size and figure.
For example, extremely short modern hair does not suit well any woman, and the endless improvisations on straight and curly hair are not always in favor of all women. Here is how you can orientate for the proportions and suitable styling for your figure.
As a rule, ultra short hairstyles are suitable for shorter and small ladies like Winona Ryder, Audrey Tautou, and Natalie Portman. For bigger and tall figures, the short hair may create the impression for disharmony as the head may look too small. There are exceptions, of course. It you are tall and have relatively thin and elegant figure, a boyish hairstyle may be a good choice for you. However, let’s remember that despite her high growth Audrey Hepburn made boom with her short “boyish” cut, so if you succeed to look like petite, even if you are over 1.70 m tall, you may afford even almost bare head.

For ladies that are not simply tall, but very tall, the perfect hair length is to the chin or shoulders. Excessively volumetric and long hair will make the tall figure look scary huge, that is why you’d better limit yourself to slightly wavy hair, maximum to the shoulders.


Very long and volumetric hair is suitable for ladies with middle height – not very tall, but not petite. It you prefer to straighten your hair, bear in mind that the straight strands highlight the body curves and are the best choice for slender figures. If you have a “tasty” figure, the appropriate hairstyle is long and curly that would give syncronization to the overall vision. Beyonce is an example for this – she looks much more harmonious with wavy hair than with straightened one.

Lucky women with proportional figures – not very huge, but not small, like Jennifer Aniston – may afford both straight and curly hair. Of course, you have to consider the individual features of your face. Ladies that want to emphasize their bust may choose hair in a bun style or pony-tail, but not if they have a too big chest size. In this case, they may loosen their hair casually on their shoulders.


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