Hairstyles that are fashionable for many years

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There are a few hairstyles that look attractive, feminine and somehow survive the pitfalls of the time year after year because they are terribly natural. Let us look at them:


Firstly, the short hair. Halle Berry with such haircut for years and is always very chic. Once the short has been a registered male territory, except that after the hippie revolution everyone can be with any length he wants. And of certain women the short suits significantly better. Shaggy mess or gel sculpture – choose yourself.

Second, the haircut with chopped ends. It is an absolute genius invention because it gives sweetness to even the most angular faces. Ask the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama why she chooses this hairstyle and thoroughly morning after morning straightens her curls. The chopped edges look wonderfully well as to the medium and to the long hair. They can be twisted inward or outward to form a plurality of visions of your hair.

In the third position is the eternal “Bob.” I think that it is up to date since the 30s. This is a variant of the haircut type “bowl” in which the neck is harvested with the trimmer, and the front part of the hair is longer. Right now is current the chopped and casual version of the “Bob”. Galaxy of stars benefit from the charm of this classic hairstyle. For example, Heidi Klum, who is great with it or Drew Barrymore, presenting an incredibly feminine version of the hairstyle.

Four – the ponytail. It is a super current trend at the moment. And if you have bad memories of the times in which some women glued magical artificial tails – forget about them. All Latino and Afro stars in Hollywood are competing to appear at social events with ponytails (they naturally have lush manes and they demonstrate them). But also the girls with lighter and modest amount of hair use this type of haircut. For example, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston, and you know that the two are crowned for fashion icons.

Fashionable hairstyle number five: curls of long hair. Remember Julia Roberts, when rising in “Pretty Woman”? Ask any man and he will tell you that there is none more beautiful female hairstyle than the long healthy hair with curls. Julia Roberts made ​​a career with this hairstyle. It is feminine, beautiful and easy for maintenance.


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