Hairstyles of the year – Style and Variety


The hairstyles of the year are characterized by the lack of particular limitations. The only thing you have to consider is your hair type and face shape. This fully satisfies inherent for women to express themselves through their hair and their moods through a change.

Every change is positive, and the leading direction is femininity. This year, the stylish, confident real woman is on pedestal.
SHORT CUT for magnetic women
The short hair creates a youthful and modern look.
The disheveled bangs in the short hairstyle is a suitable option – this adds character and a fascinating look. It is preferred by women who are well aware of themselves and can be both boyishly daring and deadly elegant.
The short hairstyle stands especially well on the oval face and well shaped chin, making the facial features more expressive, the eyes larger and gives the cheekbones more character. The short cut is perfect for feminine gentle features.




Image:©Olga Ekaterincheva/Fotolia


MIDDLE LENGTH HAIRfor confident women
This is a hairstyle for busy girls that skillfully balance between their professional and personal life because it does not take too much of their precious time. Curly, wavy, perfectly straight… various hairstyles for various women.
Perfectly straight hair, cut with sharp straight lines creates a perfect haircut. Strands can be added for more volume, and they provide space and lightness to the curly hair.







LONG HAIRfor the Woman
The long hairstyle is considered for the most feminine – a fact. Additionally, long strands also give many options for change. No matter if it is straight, curly or wavy, the well cut long hair is suitable for any face type.
It is important your hairstyle to be complied with your hair type as well as not to demand great quantity of styling products every day.
Long hair is especially suitable for ladies with round faces as it optically makes them look longer and thinner.
The modern hairstyles do reverence to the female beauty, their aim is to harmonize your style and inherent feminine charm. Choose a hairstyle that will express your beauty and individuality.



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