Hairstyle according to the Shape of the Nose

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When we choose what hairstyle to make, we have to very carefully consider a few things.
The shape of the face is on the first place.
For the various types of faces, different hairstyles are suitable and even if we like certain types of hairstyles very much, there is no guarantee that we shall look well with them if we hadn’t assessed rightly our face shape.
On the second place we have to consider the character and type of our hair – whether it is thin or thick, whether it is wavy or straight etc.
Specialists come to help at this point.
On the third place, the choice of hairstyle must be influenced by the fashionable trends as well.
The change in the appearance is a nice thing and the latest fashion trends offer enough ideas for each taste.
Surely, this list may include many other factors to comply with when choosing your haircut, but here we shall pay attention to the shape of the nose – this seemingly unimportant detail of the face.

It is incredible how the skillfully chosen hairstyle can entirely change the face, and the nose is that part of it which is most conspicuous of all.
So what hairstyle to choose if I have:
Long nose:
The long nose is best combined with a voluminous haircut with long voluminous bangs.
The aim of the hairstyle is to make the facial proportions more harmonious, relatively shortening the nose.
The least suitable hairstyle for a face with long nose is with open forehead and smooth hair with thinning ends.
Snub nose:
For snub-nosed ladies, the most suitable hairstyle is highly tied hair and opened forehead without bangs.
The least suitable is loose voluminous hair till the line of the ears cut into layers.
This haircut optically makes the face smaller and the snub nose doesn’t fit well.
We can’t easily change our noses, but we can change our hairstyles.
Wide nose:
The most suitable for the ladies with wide noses are hairstyles with opened forehead because when the most of the face is visible, this optically makes the face longer and the nose – narrower.

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