Hair Loss in the Autumn

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Have you ever asked yourself why in the autumn your hair not only looks bad, but the hair loss increases?

The reason is that in the summer, we are exposed to the sun. Our organism is so projected that the sun rays cause a rush of male hormones.

In the summer, we feels a rush of sexual energy – the testosterone rages. Together with this, the hair is under the attack of androgens. Not immediately, but in 3-4months, its levels start to decrease.

Problems with the thyroid gland also may cause hair loss, but the hair does not get thinner – the new one grows quickly. In this case, a consultation with an endocrinologist is needed in order to appoint hormone therapy.

After a disease – flu, hepatitis, and high temperature – the body takes precautionary measures and loses hair. In this case, it is most probable that the hair will recover by itself in 3 months.

The most widely spread reason that causes hair loss is stress. The autumn depression is very dangerous for the hair. But in this case, one needs help from a psychologist, and until he/she calms down – the hair loss will not stop.

Some medicines that are prescribed for heart diseases and high blood pressure also can cause hair loss. And some contraceptives visibly deteriorate the hair condition. In this case you should either find a harmless analogue or accept the idea that health is more important.

If one has lost weight very fast and for approximately 2 months has lost 10% of his weight, it is inevitable that hair problems will occur. Fat tissue produces huge quantities of female hormones and the hair will reflect the change of this balance. Except for this, when losing fat tissue, the body loses also lots of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the hair health. This is why, weight must be lost slowly, under the supervision of a dietitian, and then the limitation of food will not influence the hair. Another secret: the diet should have a low content of protein, as 95% of the hair consists of keratin.

By the way: hats, dying and waving of the hair, hairstyles made by hot air dryer, too much hair washing do not influence the hair loss, they only make the hair’s status worse.


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