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Generally, ladies who are natural red-haired are rarity.  But due to chemistry, nowadays they are much more. The range of red colors in the catalogs of dyes is very rich. From dark mahogany to scarlet as well as with shades of purple. Many women choose the range of mahogany and they do not make a mistake. Mahogany usually is darker red and is suitable for almost any hair. The darker hair naturally gets darker shades after dying. If the hair is fair it becomes light red and if it is bleached you should not risk with red colors. However, many women are not satisfied with the dark red colors and want to have bright colored hair. Dying in scarlet isn’t an easy job, especially for the dark hair.

Most women do the dying at their homes. In order to achieve the result desired, they often use strong dyes and oxidants. Special dyes for strands can be found in the cosmetic shops and they can both discolor and color in the ton desired. These dyes are good for separate strands, but many people think they can use them for full dying. For example, some dyes catalogs have a few colors for super coloring agents for direct strand dying and they are very strong.

Many women decide to try this at their homes using such  dye. Indeed, the dying for the first time gives very scarlet results. For the next dying however, to keep the good look of the hair, ordinary red dye should be taken and some strand dye is to be added to it as a corrector. This however is not known by most of the women and they are happy to find such a bright dye. But the next time they dye again with it the result is terrible – the hair is overloaded, the cuticle is damaged, flakes cannot close and water goes freely through the hair and washes away all the pigments. Thus, at the first washing some pink or brownish color is achieved. The best option of course is to take a dye with the desired red shade and add a corrector from the same catalog in it. The oxidant must not be too strong.
The red color washes away easily. Chlorinated water, shampoos, conditioners, masks – everything makes it fade away. Special shampoos, masks and conditioners with coloring effect are created to keep the color till the next dying and also to strengthen the color without damaging the hair – they even nourish hair. Almost all famous brands have such hair products.

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