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The advantage of the most fixing agents is that they do not demand professional habits. They are convenient for use at home. Styling products make the hair thicker and flexible and prevent from unwanted external influences.

Choose products that contain herbal extracts, vitamins (most often pro-vitamin В5) and moisturizers (glycerin or glycol). They are usually provided in three options – for normal, strong and very strong fixation. The latter dry the hair too much and are not recommended for dry and damaged hair. What other products can you use to shape your hair?

Hair Foam
It not only saves the hairstyles’ shapes, but also gives the hair greater volume. It is very convenient for usage as it covers the hairs and not the skin of the head. It should be applied evenly on dampened hair (not wet because it slides on it). Thermal protection foam protects the hair from the harmful effects of the dryer.

Fixing gel
When applying gel on dampened hair, hairstyles become voluminous and their shape lasts longer. If you apply it on dry hair you get the “wet effect”. Aerosol gels give greater stability and volume without making the hair “wiry”.

Ideal tool for damaged and disobedient hair. Small quantity of the cream is applied on washed and slightly dried hair, then the hair is combed and shaped in the desired form.

Fixing liquids
They are especially suitable for thin and not very thick hair that does not keep for long any hairstyle. Some of these products contain substances that „lubricate“ the hair, wrap it and protect it from dryer’s hot air.

Hair wax
Strong tool that makes the hair’s surface shiny and tames the disobedient curls. Additionally, this is a very good choice for highlighting separate strands.

All tools listed above do not give long-lasting effect. Hairspray is the single one that fixes the hairstyle for a long time. The modern hairsprays protect the hair from UV rays and other harmful factors giving it shine and specific tones.

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