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Important part of a woman’s vision is the beautiful hair.

The intensive lifestyle, environment pollution, hair treatment with various styling products, straightening, waving and sun rays lead to drying of the hair and loss of shine. The recovery process is long and requires persistence. The beautiful hair is a result from our way of life and cares.

What is hair serum?
The purpose of the serums is to restore the brilliance of the damaged hair and allow it to be easier to comb by making it smoother. Serums protect the hair from the harmful sun rays as well as from too aggressive hair products. The effect of the serum lasts till the next hair washing and that is why it should be applied on already washed hair.

How to apply the hair serum?
The hair is washed with shampoo and at the end it is rinsed with cool water (as cold as possible), thus the pores open.
Put 4-5 drops of the serum on your palms and rub it into your hair. Leave it to naturally dry by the air.
Serums do not contain harmful for the skin substances. Their base is silicone oil that protects the hair from dust, dirt and sun.

How does the hair serum act?
When applying the serum, it forms a protective layer on the hair. It allows the hair to recover and keep the necessary moisture after being dried as result of the sun exposure or hair-dryer’s heat. This makes the serums extremely suitable for treating dry and fragile hair.
– It is important to use the serum properly for your hair type because otherwise it may lead to too much grease.
– A small quantity of serum is needed to achieve the desired effect. This is especially valid when you use serum against waving.
– In order to avoid scalp grease, apply the serum only at the hair ends.
– The serum should be applied on wet hair.
– The hair serum is not suitable for very thin hair – this will make it greasy and heavy looking.
– As the main purpose of the hair serum is to protect it from drying, it is good to be applied before the using of hair-dryer, iron or press.
– Another purpose is for restoring the brilliance to the damaged hair.

Waving, dying, straightening, drying and hot rollers damage the hair and after often treatment, they ruin it. This can be avoided by using a serum before any of these procedures. Brittle and splitting ends can be healed through it and it surely has the ability to keep your hair looking healthy.

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