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Biolamination is a process that covers the hair with a special very thin layer of cellulose from plants. Externally, it is very similar to the dandelion juice. Dyed by this method, the hair gets unusual shine and smoothness.
The biolamination operates on the principle of the laws of physics, i.e. positive and negative charges are mutually weighted. In the dying material – negative charge, and in hair – positive. Due to the properties of the proteins that make up the cellulose, the hair has such an impressive look.

The operation of the protein also includes protection of the hair from UV rays that have a bad impact on the hair, and it must be noted that it handles this task very successfully.

Additionally, when using biolamination, the color stays much longer due to the layer not allowing fast washing away because initially only laminate washes away  and after it – the color itself.

The additional layer helps for thickening the hair. That is why and the volume visually increases. After the procedure of biolamination, you can feel that the styling of your hair has become much easier and the shape is longer kept.

You can choose an absolutely different tone for your hair: starting from the transparent and getting to the brightest and most expressive. The lamination of hair allows both easy care and its treatment. After it, you do not have to worry about its increased moisture which influences the hairstyle because the layer possesses moisture-resistant properties.

The bauty salons offer several other bio-procedures like bio-drying and bio-styling. Despite all positive qualities, this is very expensive.


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