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For the ladies with naturally curly and wavy hair – this is the moment to enjoy the fashion trends in the hairstyles. Rejoice – the fluffy, full of volume hair, style 1960s is back! Of course, you have to put it into some order, so that you do not look like you have just got out of bed. Let’s learn from the stars.

More volume
Drew Barrymore’s hairstyle when she appeared at the “Golden Globe” Awards was retro and unforgettable. However, Drew seemed to have put too much hairspray and had too spiky hair. Carrie Underwood had a similar hairstyle, but much more temperate. The secret of this fluffy hair is to section off every strand, to comb it for some volume and then put hairspray. This is how you can keep your volume.

Loose curls
The rainy weather will break your nerves for sure if you have wavy hair. There is no way to keep it in the same place as humidity will wave it again. The solution is to let your hair loose. Take for example Gwen Stefani. Her curls look so natural. In order to achieve this effect, use lotions that will shape your curls and will keep them shaped all day long.

Air in the Bun
Do you like to hold your hair in a pony tail or bun? It’s time to add some Hollywood tone in this hair style a la Jennifer Lopez. Jenny pulled back her hair in a bun, carefree and at the front left a few strands that are sprayed with lacquer and capped. Then the strands are held back. This gives more volume and creates a very natural vision. Eva Mendes appeared with such hairstyle not long ago. Remember however to leave a few strands loose to fall lightly on your face.


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