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The hair is a valuable part of us. For the ancients it possessed magical power. In the long braids was hiding the invincibility of the warriors and the fertility of women. Social changes have also left their mark on the symbolism of hair. The short female hairstyles from the 60s marked the beginning of feminism. Only after a decade the hippies with their natural, flowing hair became a symbol of freedom. The punk wave affirmed its protest against social norms with brightly colored and startling haircuts. At all times, however, the thick and shiny hair has also meant youth and beauty. Therefore regardless of the various hairstyles, essential role in our appearance has the healthy hair.


Here are the most important facts about it:

  •  Thickness

The number of hair follicles is genetically determined and independently of the care you provide for your hair it can not be increased. However, its thickness may vary depending on the density of the hairs.

  •  Life cycle

Compared to the other body hair our hair has the longest cycle of life. The existence of a hair usually lasts between two and six years, going through several phases – growth, rest and dying. At the end of the cycle the hair falls and in its place starts a new growth. This process however is not infinite, because each follicle has a certain potential and when it runs out definitively it dies. Maximum each hair can be restored to 25 times.

  • Hair Loss

The uniform hair loss is a normal and inevitable process. Cause for concern is when the life cycle of the hair begins to shorten. In this case, the nutrients can not reach the follicle and the hairs start thinning and much faster to reach the stage of dying. In other words this is baldness, suffered mainly by men. Under certain factors, however, such as hormonal imbalances and prolonged stress, the women are also at risk from it. If your hair falls considerably more than usual, most probably this is reactive hair loss. Despite the alarming balls of hair that remain in your hands, the cycle of growth is not violated in this case and your hair will fully recover. The most common reasons are the change of seasons, pregnancy and the usage of medications.

  • The scalp

The scalp is waterproof, so any water-based products can not affect the hair growth because they do not reach the root. Accordingly, no shampoos can cause hair loss, or to heal it, but affect the appearance of the already grown hair. If you want to stimulate the hair growth, use masks or ampoules of fat or alcohol base, as only they can penetrate deep.

  • The dry ends

The natural oiling of the hair maintains the elasticity of the hair, but reaches only 15 cm from the root. Therefore the long hair, regardless of its type, always has dry ends and it is necessary to use nourishing care – mask, conditioner or serum. Apply the products only where it is necessary – along the length of the hair, but not in the roots, so as not to unnecessarily oil it.

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