Do You Know How to Properly Use Rollers?


How to use the rollers?

May be it has happened to you to wonder how to choose the appropriate hairstyle for an upcoming event. And it is even more likely, that you made your hair, but it was not exactly what you imagined.

One of the best ways for styling your hair is to use rollers. Just have in mind that every product has different impact on the various types of hair. The successful use of rollers depends on whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly.

Straight hair

If you have straight hair, you may sometimes wish to have nice voluminous curls. You can use rollers once you have decided whether you want volume, waves or curls.

For volume:

Choose big rollers. Roll and collect the hair (it is necessary to be dry) around the head on separate locks and then spay them with a styling product. Dry it with the hairdryer, remove the rollers and comb carefully with a brush.

For waves:

If you wish to make delicate waves choose medium rollers. First use foam on wet hair. Put the rollers and dry with cold air with the hairdryer. Take off the rollers and carefully put into final shape the waves with a brush or with your fingers.

For curls:

If your aim is to make playful curls it is better to choose foam rollers. Use them on wet hair and curl carefully spirally. If you have no time to wait for it to dry naturally use the diffuser. Do not comb and just use your fingers to shape the curls.

Wavy hair

Even if you are one of those lucky people gifted with beautiful wavy hair sometimes you just need a change. You can choose silky smooth hair, curls, or just to make some volume without waves.

For straightening:

You need rollers with Velcro to achieve this effect. First apply a serum for straightening on wet hair and dry with the help of a big brush. Use the rollers and dry every strand of hair separately. When the hair is already dry, carefully remove the rollers and at the end sleek the hair with the brush.

Volume without curls:

Choose medium metal rollers with Velcro. Section off the hair into strands, roll and dry. Remove the rollers, spay with a spray for shine and set into order the strands with your fingers.

For curls:

You need small plastic rollers. Wet the hair, rub in a little gel and then roll each strand. Leave the hair to dry naturally or if you have no time, use the diffuser. When the hair is completely dry remove the rollers and put into final shape with your fingers.

Curly hair

Only if you have got naturally curly hair you know what the fight is to set in order the wayward locks. Therefore if you want you can choose more tidy curls, waves or a totally new look.

For straightening:

Take a set with the biggest rollers with Velcro. Start with applying lotion for straightening and then dry. Use warmed to the highest degree rollers. When the rollers are cold remove them and smooth the hair with a brush.

For waves:

Choose big rollers that allow warming with soft covering. Dry the hair pulling out and straightening it and then put the rollers. When they are cold, remove them carefully. Shape the waves with your fingers.

For tidy curls:

Use small foam rollers to shape the spirals. Start with applying styling gel on wet hair. Put the rollers and leave it to dry or use the diffuser. After that remove the rollers, shape the curls with your fingers.

You should know that the smaller the rollers are the more curls you get, and with big rollers you achieve more volume.

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