Dizzying mask for heavily damaged hair

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Mask for damaged hair that has no analogue


When it is heavily damaged the hair needs strong nourishing masks. Without daily maintenance the hair can not recover and look beautiful. When caring for it, the hair will respond accordingly. In general we can say that the hair is quite easily damaged.


It is under constant treatment both in the beauty salons and at home. The use of presses, curling tongs, hair dryers, hair dyes and other means are able to change the overall structure of the hair.


We know that this sounds familiar to you. There is no lady that has not passed down this road. We can save ourselves certain procedures, but we could not completely give up the services of the hairdressers. Every woman wants to look as well as possible.


Given that you care well for your hair, the hairstyles will not hurt it so much. Familiarize yourself with the best mask for damaged hair that can solve your problems and revive your hair fundamentally.


Unique mask for damaged hair – recipe


Ingredients needed: an avocado, ½ banana, one cup coconut milk, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and one egg.


Preparation: The banana and the avocado must be pureed well. Then add to them and the other products. The mask is needed to be placed on clean, slightly damp hair. Use both of your hands in order to spread it well on the entire length of the hair.


Make sure that the mixture is applied especially in the areas where the hair is heavily damaged. It will need to act right there to get you out of trouble. For women with denser hair will be easier to divide the hair into several separate sections and to evenly apply the mask on them.


If you have finished with the applying, gather all of the hair in a bun, and then cover it with a plastic shower hat and finally wrap it with a well-warmed towel. The mask should stand on the hair for a period of one hour.


Be sure to heat the towel with a hairdryer when it cools down. Continue in this manner until the complete removal from the head. This condition is important because the heat makes the components more active. Thus they penetrate deeply and will leave behind amazing results.


When you are finished, wash the components with lukewarm water, never hot or too warm, since you will hardly manage to remove the raw egg. This is a unique mask for damaged hair that have tried many ladies who have remained delighted with the achievement. Do it weekly and repair the damage.

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