Comb Your Hair Twice a Day


Just like every part of our body needs relevant care, the hair has to be treated right as well.  The regular combing, preferably twice a day, is very important. The irritation of the nerve endings of the skin when brushing improves the blood circulation and helps for the hair growth and also protects the hair.
The comb’s teeth should have balls in order not to hurt skin. The combing serves well as ventilation and to some extend as cleaning the hair from dust. When the hair is greasy and gets dirty very fast, it is recommended to use a comb with absorbent wadding in the base of the teeth.
Combing of the long hair starts from the ends, of the short one – from the roots. It is better to use a small comb for short hair. It is friendlier than the brushing. For hair longer than 25-35 cm, it is better to use a brush. The brushing puts into order the loose long hair. If the hair is very long, you have to bend your head forward and go with the brush from the roots to the ends. After such preparation, it will be easier to comb your hair and put it in order with a comb.
It is necessary to be careful during the combing not to pull your hair. The comb and the brush must be clean and you must wash them regularly.
The most common appliances are hardened rubber (ebonite), wash with warm, not hot water and soap. The ebonite softens in hot water and gets a dark grey color, but the most important thing is that it loses its shape and becomes unusable.
You have to be very careful about the cleanness of the brush. It can get dirty easier than the comb. That is why it is better to wash it often (once per 2-3 days) in a soap-ammonia solution (to each 1 spoon of soap water are added 2 tablespoons of ammonia). The brush can be easily and quickly cleaned with the help of a hand washing brush.
Before you dip it, it is good to clean it from the hairs remained on it. That is why you can hit the brush a few times on hard surface, so the overlays remain at the end and then can be removed with a metal needle or other thin and long object. The washing of the brush is by hitting it on the surface of soap water, then rinse with clean water, wipe dry with a clean towel, and leave it to fully dry. Gently rub with oil the inside part of the brush.

Everyone must have his individual brush or comb. The usage by others is unacceptable because microbes can be exchanged thus.
When washing, combing, and putting various tools on your hair, certain quantity of hairs fall. These are old, dying hairs.
But it is good to know that the lifetime of a hair on the head can be approximately four years and if they fall slightly, it is normal, especially at spring and autumn. Thus up to 80 hairs can fall down per day.
Old hairs fall together with their roots, but the basis – from which new hairs grow – remains.
Insufficient recovery of fallen old hairs and their gradual delusion is a signal that your hair is sick (as a result of disorder in your nervous and endocrine systems or metabolism). In these cases, washing it is not enough, and treatment is needed.

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