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Hair Care with Serum

Important part of a woman’s vision is having beautiful hair. Intensive lifestyle, environment pollution, hair treatment with various styling products, straightening, waving and sun rays lead to drying and loss of shine. The recovery process is long and requires persistence. Beautiful hair is a result ...

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Tips for Greasy Hair

Tip 1. Wash your hair every day. Greasy hair needs soft shampoos that do not wash hair too deep because this can make scalp increase sebum production. Tip 2. Choose proper hairstyle – greasy hair with length longer than the shoulders may look like bad extension after being divided to strands. Slightly ...

The foam for hair- helpful advices

Stylizing products for hair can save and simultaneously ruin the look of your hair. When you use them correctly they can add to weak hair more healthy look, to collect wayward curls and to make the desired shape. The key of right usage of styling product is to determine correctly the type of your hair, ...
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Shining Hair for the New Year Night

Start with Cleaning Hair loses 70 % of its shine due to improper maintenance. The unsuitable shampoo, chlorinated water and bad quality cosmetic tools accumulate under hair flakes. In order to recover your hair, you will have to clean it deeply. Therapeutic shampoo will penetrate deep into the hair ...

Rosemary for Long Hair

Every lady desires her hair to be beautiful and adorable. Rosemary is very important for women if they want to have long hair. Mix water and dried rosemary in equal proportions – a cup of rosemary sprig and leaves with a cup of water. Add this mixture to your shampoo. The proportion is two parts of ...

Proper Care for Extended Hair

Lately, extended hair turned to be something quite usual. The types of hair and methods for its placing are many. However, regardless of the way your new hair was put, it needs special care in order for you to be sure that it will be at its best look. Placing your extended hair is not the end of the ...
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Mistakes We Make about Our Hair

Every woman tries to look unique and fascinating to others. That is why she makes many efforts and spends lots of money to have hairstyle of high level. Sometimes, in her great strive a woman makes some mistakes about her hair.
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