Beautiful Hairstyle for Your Child

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The children’s hairstyle should be both beautiful and easy to maintain. When the child is little, the parents can decide what the hairstyle will be for their own reasons. However, older children would like to set their own style of haircut.

Choose the style of your child’s haircut.
Before you decide what style the haircut will be, you have to consider many things.
Answer the following questions:
Is your child’s hair curly? Is it straight? Thin? Normal?
Is it easy to comb?
Is it damaged by the sun, sea water, or cosmetic products?

How often do you wash your child’s hair?
How much time do you have in the morning to make your child’s hairstyle?
Do you have accessories like hair-slide, hairpins, and ribbons?
Does your child need help to make her/his hairstyle?

Does your child practice any sport?
Are there rules about the hairstyle at your child’s school?
If your child is of bigger age, she/he may want to determine the style of her/his haircut. However, you have to ask the her/him following questions before you go to the hair-dresser’s salon:
Do you want to blow your hair with a dryer every morning?
Would like to and could you use cosmetic products like: gels, hair sprays, etc.?
Do you want to dye your hair?
Do you want to straighten your hair?
Do you want to use curling iron or rollers?
How much time do you have in the morning to make your hairstyle?
The most suitable hairstyle for girls

Often the haircut style of the girls is more complicated than the one of boys. You can start playing with your daughter’s hairstyle even when she is 6 months old.
Playful hairstyle
If your daughter is naughty, athletic and boyish, then a short playful hairstyle like the actress’s Natalie Portman may suit her. This type of hairstyle is very easy to maintain as it demands just some gel and some dryer’s blow.
Short haircut
Short hair often stands very well on girls. The short hair is easy to maintain and looks well for every type of hair. Additionally, it is very flexible – you can easily straighten or wave your daughter’s hair according to the specific occasion. Hair-slide, pins, elastics and ribbons can also be easily used.
Long and lovely
Many girls and their families prefer long hair. It usually takes more time to be maintained than the short one, but you have more options to experiment with hair-slide, pins, elastics, and ribbons. Long hair can be wavy or straight. Your child’s hair does not need much drying in the morning, nor to be maintained with lots of cosmetic products in order to look well, especially for kids under 5 years of age.

The most suitable hairstyles for boys
Hairstyles for boys are a bit simpler than the ones for girls. However, boys now-a-days have many options of hairstyle types. What your son’s hairstyle should be: parted in the middle, shaved back or slightly longer to conceal his ears?
Casual cut
The most popular among young boys is the casual haircut. You can make it both at home and at your hairdresser’s. Families like the casual haircut as it is easy and fast to maintain, and many families save money from visiting the hairdresser as they cut their boy’s hair at home. Generally, this haircut length varies from ½ cm to 2 cm.
Flat on the top
This boyish hairstyle is like equally mown meadow top. It is completed when the hair in the front central part is shorter than the hair that is around the top and both sides of the head. You will need gel for this hairstyle in order for your hair to stay fixed.
“Bowl” haircut
The “bowl” haircut is a retro style of cutting that is still fashionable. The title of the haircut comes from the technique that you can use to make it by yourself. Put a bowl on your head and everything that stays outside it, is to be cut. The result is hair cut as a line, a few cm from the top.

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