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Just like the long hair and short hair has its magnetism. While not every woman would dare to cut her hair drastically, it should be kept in mind that short hairstyles seem no less, and often are even more feminine than the long curls. And it doesn’t matter how short the hair is – even the shortest hairstyle can be diversified by shaping it differently every day.
Experiment with curls if you have natural wavy or curled hair, then you can make it even more beautiful if you wish to highlight some twisted strands of different sizes. This is fashionable and always looks sexy.

To highlight separate strands, use gel or hair wax. You can decorate them with effective accessories or add artificial strands.
Give volume to the straight hair
If your hair is straight, for example with length to the chin, you can update your hair giving it volume to the bangs and at the top. For this purpose, apply some quantity of volume foam to the roots or use a spray. Then shake your hair with hands, slightly lifting it up in the roots. Try to make the hairstyle asymmetric.
Whatever your hair length may be, an interesting option is to comb it entirely on one side. To keep it according to your idea, use styling hair products – gel or crème. This hairstyle looks youthful and playful and a little frivolous, but is very sexy.
Tie a few super short little tails
This will give your hairstyle a youthful – sporty look. Except for this, it looks very feminine. Youngest girls may use colorful rubber bands and hair pins. More mature girls and women are desirable to refrain from such childish accessories. A small quirk – it is easier to make such hairstyle if your hair was washed prior 2-3 days, and not just washed.

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Make colorful strands
Strands suit extremely well the short hair, especially if the haircut is layered with uneven edges or completely smooth. The shorter the hair, the more contrast the colorful strands can be. The lightest shade must be applied on the ends.
Do not be stingy with hair accessories.
Most women believe that the different types of pins are only suitable for long hair. This opinion is wrong. Hair accessories are very fashionable now, so do not be afraid to use them even for the very short hairstyle. You can catch your hair with them at the most unexpected spots, creating with the help of the pins beautiful waves in 1930s style, to tie it tight or even make a few tiny braids. Depending on the accessories, it can look sporty or elegant.

But before you cut your hair short…
* Firstly, consult with a specialist. It is a very responsible step to make a short hairstyle. Discuss in advance with a hair-dresser the probable length and listen to his/her advice how short hair would suit you indeed.
* Prepare to use styling hair products. As for the short hairstyle it is obligatory to have more shaped look than the long one, you will have to from time to time or constantly use various hair tools – foam, gel, spray, etc.
* Remember to put make-up. Actually, you will have to more intensively use decorating cosmetics. It is imperative to highlight your eyes or lips. Otherwise, your appearance will be too boyish. Do not be afraid to experiment with brighter lipstick, blush, or eye shades.


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