A few Tips for Very Beautiful Hair


There are some simple methods that we have to try before stepping towards drastic procedures such as hair transplant – for example the massage that increases the blood circulation around the follicles and thus improves their nourishing.
Recipe for dry everyday massage: leaned over the tub vigorously rub your head with a dry warm towel once a week. The effect may be strengthened if we rub into the hair with circular movements slightly warmed olive oil or other oil. Oils can be replaced from time to time with the juice of onion, garlic or lemon – their biological components will strengthen the hair. It is wrapped with a warmed towel and washed after not less than half an hour. The water doesn’t have to be very hot.It is better to use separately the shampoo and conditioner, and not the “two in one” products. The drying must be done by a hairdryer and if possible it is better to leave your hair to dry naturally.

Pay more attention to combing your hair. Thus, the skin grease distributes over the entire head surface and the hair becomes stronger and with better shine. Honey, beer, decoctions of nettle, birch and other plants are not worse than the famous cosmetic hair products.
In order for your hair to be beautiful and healthy, it needs sulfur (97% of the hair consists of keratin – substance containing sulfur). It is the sulfur that gives the shine and the healthy look, and the skin becomes more elastic and vivid. Plenty of sulfur is contained in zucchini, onion, apricots, potatoes, cabbage and raspberries.
Hair also needs foods rich in protein. Meat, fish and yellow cheese have to be eaten together with vegetables that accelerate the assimilation of proteins.
If you suffer from hair loss you have to eat more pineapple (the composted tin is absolutely useless in this case). They contain bromelain – an enzyme that removes the subcutaneous glands that are limiting the new hair growth.
Against sparse or thinning hair, experts advise to eat more pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, and other foods that contain high amounts of zinc. Four eggs per week will also help us deal with the problematic hair. The cocktail of 2 tablespoons of dry yeast and half a glass of milk is not very delicious, but is very good used every morning. Eat more vegetables and fruit with their peel. Among the vitamins, the best are the ones of the group В – they simultaneously strengthen the hair and reduce the stress which is directly related to hair loss.

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